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Lisa Portz is a seasoned trainer, coach, and business consultant, specializing in steering early-stage founders, SME owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs towards achieving their business goals. With a rich background in designing startup programs and developing entrepreneurship curricula, Lisa offers a hands-on, comprehensive approach to business education and coaching. She believes entrepreneurship skills are valuable beyond setting up one's own business and offers her entrepreneurship training to industry professionals, as well. Armed with extensive real-world experience in building businesses from initiating customer conversations to securing seed funding, Lisa’s insights are grounded in the actual challenges and triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey. It is further supported by her academic insights from her PhD in Entrepreneurship from Imperial College London, where she studied effective startup program design. Lisa offers bespoke entrepreneurship training focussing on key entrepreneurship skills, for example: - Pitching & Storytelling: Coaching entrepreneurs to articulate their business vision compellingly, ensuring their pitches resonate with investors, stakeholders, and customers alike. - Financial Modeling for Startups: Offering expertise in crafting robust financial models, helping founders understand their business’s economic viability, and design a fundraising strategy, wherever applicable. - Business Idea Validation: Guiding entrepreneurs to critically assess their business concepts, ensuring they meet real market needs and have growth potential. - Customer Development: Teaching effective techniques for interacting with customers to glean valuable insights, thereby aligning product development with market demand. Lisa's services vary from building a bespoke startup accelerator program to running a 2-hour workshop or offering 1:1 coaching sessions. Her work experience includes designing and running a flagship startup accelerator at the London School of Economics, creating her own entrepreneurship module at Imperial College London, and delivering workshops for such organizations as Impact Hub London and Vali Berlin. Reach out to discuss your organization's needs.

PhD in Entrepreneurship
Years experience


Financial Planning and Analysis
Communication and Professional Development
Effective Communication Skills
Presentation Skills


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