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Ivy House offers personal and professional development for tomorrow’s leaders, taking the very best content from executive development programmes and bringing it to high potentials at the start of their careers. Today’s organisations want to attract and recruit the best new talent and are prepared to invest in their development, and today’s emerging talent wants to work for organisations that nurture and help them develop their potential as employees and leaders from day one. This is where Ivy House comes in. Our training and coaching programmes bring together the very best professional and personal development and deliver it at the time it will have the greatest impact - earlier in a career. As an Ivy House delegate you will receive cutting-edge content, 1:1 coaching with top performance coaches and senior mentors. On our external programme you will learn alongside like-minded people from a range of sectors and backgrounds all of whom are as excited about creating an extraordinary future as you are. On our internal programmes you will build an internal network that breaks down silos, supports dynamic and positive change, and gives you a voice at a senior level. The Ivy House Programme gives emerging talent a vital experience that will shape who they are and their career for years to come, maximising their potential for themselves and for your organisation. At Ivy House we are committed to ensuring that emerging talent can access this type of development regardless of their background, and we have established our scholarship program to fund places. Ivy House is for organisations in every sector that believe in their emerging talent and who want to ensure that the energy, commitment and ideas of these high potentials are not wasted or lost.




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