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Cambridge Marketing College is an international expert provider of professional marketing and PR qualifications, training and apprenticeships. Founded in 1991, our mission is to enhance the careers of marketers and the quality of marketing for their companies. For the last 30 years, we have worked with marketing and PR professionals across all sectors including private, public and not-for-profit organisations to develop their skills and capabilities. Our faculty of 49 tutors, who are all practitioners themselves, has helped over 8,000 professionals, through our qualifications, corporate in-house training and apprenticeships, enhance their careers. Our corporate programmes include bespoke courses, strategy workshops and consultancy. We have 10 study centres around the world and to date, students from 114 different countries. Two thirds of our students are online learners, we publish our own study materials and deliver a weekly radio show podcast. Our approach can be described as Engaging, Professional, Innovative and Collaborative and we look forward to connecting with you.



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