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AWA Global (Adventures with Agile) is dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential through mastery of essential skills and fostering the behaviors needed for better value creation and improved working lives. By partnering with AWA Global, organizations gain access to unparalleled coaching, mentorship, and training in Leadership, Change, and Product. Key Offerings: Product Strategy & Delivery: SPARK, AWA's complete end-to-end product accelerator, ignites in-house expertise to consistently deliver value and realize measurable returns. It is designed to build in-house product skills and capabilities, enhancing strategy, feedback, and delivery. Leadership Development: AWA partners with Senior Leadership Teams to build the capabilities needed to drive change and navigate challenges. This is achieved through leadership assessments, development plans, workshops, clinics, and coaching. Change in Business: AWA guides organizations through culture shifts, digital transformations, and beyond, viewing change not as a storm to weather but as a strategy to embrace. Skills Training: AWA offers training programs that leverage a unique approach to learning, providing expert training in Product Delivery, Leadership Skills, Team Coaching, Systems Thinking, and Enterprise Change.

Group size
Infinity - -Infinity
Daily rate
Number of employees
11 to 50
Years trading
Has own premises

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