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MJ, the head of HR at Mercedes, had a big town hall 12 days away. The pressure was on because over 2000 colleagues were joining the event. She had to use this opportunity to introduce the employee benefit package. Plus the marketing department had recently set a new standard for internal presentations. MJ had to stand out. She had to ace her presentation. But, the presentation her team had spent two weeks making was not good enough. Time was running out. Mercedes called me, and we delivered MJ's presentation 48 hours before she was due on stage. With her finished presentation in her hands she had time to master her performance. She aced it, How we reached MJ's goals. With her team, I ran The 8 Steps to Showtime. It's the process I developed from 5 years working in ad agencies. I was a creative director pitching projects to Nike, VW, Peugeot, Mercedes, J&J, and Nestle. Now, I train teams with this process so you can work smart, not hard, and get the results you need to reach your goals. ✔︎ Save time. ✔︎ Get results. ✔︎ Grow your business. The 8 Steps to Showtime presentation build roadmap works for client pitches and leadership keynotes. I have 23 years of experience working for agencies in London and Beijing. I have trained teams at: The VW Group China Aliens Innovation Group Brunswick PR The British Embassy Beijing Innovate UK Software Cornwall Digital Catapult The TechSouthWest Startup studio Google Shanghai Hosted over 150 PitchClub training events. We can train your team with the 8 steps to sowtime. ✔︎ In our training, we apply the process to a live project ✔︎ Share case studies ✔︎ The training includes online video modules ✔︎ SOPs and KPI development ✔︎ In-person / online / hybrid ✔︎ Groups from 10 -50 ✔︎ Half day - full day sessions ✔︎ 1-month checkins ✔︎ Onlline support When MJ got her presentation 48 hours before she was due on stage, she was confident and happy. She had complete trust that her team supported her and that she would exceed expectations. We can do the same for you. No more late nights and stress making your next presentation. Get results and grow your business.



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