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  1. Premium provider badge - Buyers have extra trust in premium providers by knowing we have vetted them

  2. List all of your trainers - More trainers means you will show in more searches

  3. The TM view - Premium providers get an extra section on their profile written by us, providing a testimoinal to your potential buyers

  4. Provide downloads to buyers - upload course lists or sample lectures to your potential buyers, the more you provide the easier it is for the buyer to make up their mind

  5. Trainer availability - Provide your availability in order to cut down on requests you cannot fulfil (Coming soon)

  6. Analytics dashboard provides detailed insights and analysis of various data points in training buyers journey and metrics related to your training company's usage, performance compared to others.

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What other training providers are saying

Natalie Berg

HR Consultant - NB Learning Solutions

The training market place has proved invaluable to me when sourcing trainers who can deliver bespoke training that is tailored and specific to business needs. The process was seamless and easy to use. It gave me a lot of optionality and allowed me to select a trainer that met my requirements. The advanced function of seeing availability was super helpful. I would recommend this platform to all stand alone HR people.



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